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[royal blue suits women]Original title: Lotte Mart intends to sell more than 50 stores will be fully withdrawn from China! Lotte Mart Overseas Network May 11th According to Han Dian•△, the Korea Lotian Group said on the 11th that the day of Lotte Shop will convene a council, publish the decision of more than 50 stores in East China■▽□▪, Jiangsu, etc…△., the above store, expected Sell ​​to the Legsu Group in prices 280 billion to 290 billion won (approximately RMB 1.77 billion to 1720 million). The report said that in the last month, Lotte Mart has sold 21 stores in Beijing to the Maitsu Group in Beijing at the price of 24◆■◁.85 billion won (about RMB 1◇▲•.8 billion)□◇=. With the sale of the store in East China, Lotte Mart will be only 14 stores in Northeast China. According to reports, this family 20.

Zhongxin Net Zhaohot May 28 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) On the 28th, the reporter learned from the Ecological Environment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region●◇, as of the end of 2020◇-●●, Inner Mongolia established 182 natural protected areas at all levels, total area of ​​126.74 million hectares, accounting for 10■■◆.71% of the country of the whole region. Inner Mongolia is one of the key areas of my countrys biodiversity, in the countrys 32 landlocked land and water biodiversity protection priorities, involving Inner Mongolia▷●•, Daxinganling◁○, Hulunbeier, Songneng Plain, Xilin Gol Grassland, Si Erdos – Helan Mountain – Yin Mountain and other 5 priority areas. Inner Mongolia has 2,619 wild vascular plants◆□, Lu Zunji▲▽▼□.

Original title: A picture reads the governments work reports in the past five years, what achievements have been made in Chinas economic and social development■▽•▽? What is the focus of 2018? How will your peoples livelihood improvement□☆□◁? Yesterday, Li Keqiang made a government work report, and the report of more than 19,000 words gave a detailed answer. In the past five years○▲, the “transcript” has grown by 7.1% in the year, from 54 trillion yuan to 82-=◇.7 trillion yuan. Residents income increased by 7.4%, forming a medium-income group in the worlds population. Hot cities housing prices have been controlled, and the inventory of three or four-line cities is remarkable▽★◇. The accumulated tax reduction exceeds 2 trillion yuan□◆, ending 66 years of business tax collection history○▼▼•. Poverty population reduced 6 buy t shirts in bulk baseball team coats!

The sixth plenary meeting was held in the morning of the 13th National Peoples Congress on the 18th, decided to determine the candidates of the Premier of the State Council, decided to the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Peoples Republic of China, the election of the members of the National Supervision Committee, the Supreme Peoples Court, the highest The Peoples Procuratorate of the Peoples Procuratorate and the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee member▪★◇. The following is a text record: the list of candidates of the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate of the Peoples Republic of China: Zhang Jun. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Huo ☆■.

Original title▷●: Completion of GDP6.5% growth target, the air supply side reform here is advanced, the industrial economic structure is further optimized, the preferential policy environment market, the tax rate▷-◁, etc. Potential growth and quality of economic growth have created good conditions◇▼. ▲ Hangzhou Central West Lake Cultural Square City Night Scene Source=□▷: Xinhua News Agency on March 14 The situation is still continuing, in accordance with such a trend, a year-on-year growth expectant goal is achieved▪★◁, and the more fully employment is conditional and confident■△. Realize the target of 6.5% of the annual econom.cheapest clothing manufacturers in the world clothing wholesale in atlanta,