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[navy running tights ladies]Original title◁•: Heyang County, Inner Mongolia, has caused floods and caused floods and caused 6 people. 1 person disappearance boiling point Xinyang News (Reporter Liu Family Ocean) On July 19, Guyang County, Baotou City☆•, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region encountered heavy rainfall▪□•, some areas Today (22nd)▼▪, the reporter learned from the Guyang County Rescue Headquarters that the solid-saving disaster relief work is still in tension, as of yesterday (21st) 22, confirmed that there were 6 deaths, one person disappeared. According to the news of the Guyang County Committee, from 7▷▪:00 on July 19, Guyang County suffered heavy rainfall, and some areas triggered floods. Among them, Sichuan Town, Xingshunxi Town, Huaiyu Town part of the disaster▪■, other three towns, Jinxiu streets, and parks are also affected▪▼○. The minimum rainfall is 45 mm, some areas reached 175 mm, pa.

Original title▼●▽: Wang Guanghui=••…, director of the Supreme Site Reform◁☆, on the reform of the judicial responsibility▽○▲☆, and the reporter Liu Ziyang Wang Fang Hainan procuratorate criminal appeal case case increasing rate increased by 21.45%★▽▲▪; Chongqing Prosecutors review of the average use of the average injection of last year, 9▷▼.2 days, Decreased by 34.58%; Guizhou has reviewed 3,800 cases, judicial irregularity and judicial 疵 have reached 78.9% and 72=□.5%, respectively ◇…••.☆◇.. this is the change in judicial responsibility reform◁=◁. ☆=▼△”Some prosecutors said▪★□▼, now lying in the mind is still overwhelming. After reform, the prosecutors hand-written responsibility is obviously enhanced, Whoever handles the case, who is responsible, who is responsible, who is responsible, is deeply rooted into the heart.” The highest Deputy Director of the Political Department of the Peoples Procuratorate●▲△□, Judicial System Refo=◆▽=.

Original title: The new department of the Culture and Tourism has a large number of May 19th, the seventh plenary meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress●◁, decided to decide the Party Secretary of the Original Cultural Department▷●▼=, and the Minister of the Tree. Minister. The Original Cultural Department and the National Tourism Bureau are no longer retained, and in the cultural and tourism field, the sequence of institutional reform is opened. State Councilist Wang Yong said that the establishment of cultural and tourism is to “enhance and highlight cultural confidence, coordinate cultural undertakings, development and tourism resources development○▷▪◆, improve national cultural soft power and Chinese cultural influence, promote cultural undertakings★••, cultural industries and Tourism integration development◁★=▪. ★□”Tourism and culture is the second year of happiness industries, how will the newly established cultural and tourism department will promote the development of integration▪○▲▽, improve the peoples happiness★●-?雒 雒 just received a report▽▽.