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[deflate yoga ball]Original title: The provincial general trade union released the implementation of the grassroots trade union fund revenue and expenditure management implementation rules birthday fee to 400 yuan to give birth to the highest thousand yuan Guangzhou Daily News (Full Media reporter Wang Xiaoquan correspondent Wang Ya) reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial General Union, recently Formulating and issuing the implementation rules (trial) ◆▷=•”(trial)” (trial) “(trial)▽◆◆☆” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Rules△▽▪☆”, in accordance with the various expenses of the employee•▷▷△, 23 expenditure projects have 14 new Increase the project. New welfare includes marriage, retirement, funeral condolences, etc.■•…, all have corresponding condolences, condolences to gold issuance standards. The retirement can issue a new project of not over 100 souvenirs•◇•, and the trade union members marriage, when birth, the grassroots trade union can give condolences and condolences, standards generally no more than 1,000 yu.

Original title: The Standing Committee of the CPPCC held a meeting of Jilin speech☆■▽◆: Beijing CPPCC June 21st to 22nd, the CPPCC held a third meeting of the Third Committee of the 13th Committee□★, revisiting the “Building Global Influence Science and Technology Innovation Center) Provide new movement for the high quality development of the capital to conduct a special negotiation. The President of the Cities of the Cities of the CPPCC speaks. This meeting was a Burgian Standing Committee. The meeting heard the topic counseling report of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee…▼■◇, deputy mayor Yin and Jun☆□. The CPPCC has committed a special team to discuss, Wang Gaofei▼◁, He Zhiqiang, Sun Ziqiang, Qi Xiangdong and other 12 members of the General Assembly■□, put forward the importance of primitive innovation, strengthen overseas high-end talents, and realize “enterprises whistle, service report▼○”, Establish a new research and development agency to improve the intellectual property service syst?

Original title: Juran Master: I always advocate that the business exits the temple door modern society has accumulated considerable results and experience in the material field▼-…, but in terms of richness and improvement in spiritual fields▷△◁, it is more weak, lag and passive. On March 7, 2018, the North China Hotel and the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. The Beijing News reporter Taoji, in November last year, 12 departments issued a “number of opinions on further governance of Buddhism○-★”▼▲, which mentioned that commercial capital involved in Buddhism Taoism, any organization or individual may not invest or contractively operate Buddhism Activity venue. At the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▷◆▷, the President of the Chinese Buddhist Association, the Master of the Chinese Buddhist Association, the correct treatment of “commercialization” is correct◆○…, and it is related to the future and foundation of Buddhist development. Although it does not exclude legal compliance operatio.