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[comfort wear]Original title: At the beginning of May, the non-action certificate “only run” does not move the property rights certificate can logistics delivery☆=★. Implement a window to transfer business a window. When applying for a list of list▽…☆☆, the time limit is reduced from 10 working days to 5 working days. In the future◇==●, Beijing housing sales, real estate registration will become more convenient. From April 1, Beijings real estate registration time limit will be compressed as the day or 5 working days. From May▼○▷, the transfer of house rights will be ●★”one-stop”□▽•, which means that the net sign…■☆…, pay taxes and certificates of the running legs will be compressed to just run. Recently, Beijing released -☆■-“Internet + real estate registration” reform implementation plan “and” Notice on Further Optimizing Business Environment Renewal Time Limits “, focusing on the public production and life is clo▽○•.

Original title: How will the China Olympic Legion in the 2022 Winter Olympics in 2018▼◆…□? Yang Yang, member of the National Political Consultative Conference◆▼▲▽, mentioned two goals, Beijing News (Reporter Wang Meng Yu Hou Run) today (March 3), before the opening of the 13th meeting of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, 11 members of the National Political Consultative Conference in the first time Channel ▪◆…◆”debut and answer the reporter question. With the end of the Winter Olympics in Pingchang, the Winter Olympics officially entered Beijing time. For Beijing Winter Olympics, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Movement Committee, Yang Yang There is something to say in the Channel. Yang Yang said that there must be 3 points to do 3 points in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. In the organization of the event□☆, she published from the experience of the athlet.

Original title: Jiang Yang-■◁•, vice president of the Securities Regulatory Commission: The reporter is not me, is China Stock Market Economic Daily – China Economic Net Beijing March 7th (Reporter Ma Changyan Column Xu Han) Political Consultative Association◁★, Vice-Chair Just as long as Jiang Yang is open, it will be enclosed by the reporters •▽”disgust○◇★”, and every step is very difficult. Seeing this scene, facing the members of the Tongshi□▪▼…, Jiang Yang joked: ▪▷○”The reporters are not me, it is Chinas stock market.◁◁△★” Jiang Yang Economic Daily, Vice-President of the CPPCC△-◆◁, China Economic Net reporter Ma Changyan / photographer, in the interview with Economic Daily – China Economic Net reporter○-▪, the Securities Regulatory Commission must implement the requirements of the governments work report to promote multi-level capital The market is healthy and increased support for new models of new technologies in new technologie□◆●△.

Original title: Han Zhengs new and vocational Xinhua News Agency reported that June 1 Implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech and instruction spirit of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, discussing related documents, deploying the next phase of key work●□. The above report shows that Han Zheng has served as the leadership team of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Development Leading Group. Previously◇=▽★, the position was held by Zhang Gaoli. In February 2014, Xi Jinping hosted a symposium in Beijing, listening to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperative development work report, emphasizing the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperative development…▽○▲, is a future to build a new capital economic circle to promote regional development institutional mechanism=☆. In the same year, Jingjin, Chi.