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[wholesale sweatshirt]Original title: The State Food and Drug Administration△●: Key to rectify the rural market “名 牌 食品” Meeting in the immortal food will be included in key supervision. The State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement today (March 21), which will focus on rectifying the rural market and urban and rural integration department •-△☆”•=▽” food “▽○” cottage food “. The State Food and Drug Administration is required in the ▷▪”Announcement on Combating Food Production and Sales Crimes”. Key to rectify the rural market, urban and rural integrated parties ▪▷”famous food” “cottage food”; focus on rectification of food labeling instructions, express or implies to prevent the treatment of diseas.

Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions☆▪…, Shandong Provincial High Court, Zhang Antian▪◁=, talked about the △…★”live broadcast”: the trial became a national sharing•▲, vivid public legal class New Beijing News News (Reporter Chen Peng Shu Liang) March 9 On the afternoon, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a plenary meeting…■, in the pre-meeting “representative channel●-” interview, the National Peoples Congress◆◇, the Dean of the Senior Peoples Court of Shandong Province, Zhang Antian△■•-, talked about the practice of “judicial public▪◇•▲”▪▪■. In his view, the live broadcast of the online broadcast of the trial of the Just Idea of ​​the Just Impathetic Jiji▷•▲, which turned the trial into a public sharing and vivid public legal class. ☆▼☆•”During the trial of the Just Improvial Injury Case, we use the picture plus video to broadcast the evidence, etc△•▼-., and release 165 microblogs, with more than 70 million hits. Not on?

Hong Kong Sunshine Magazine and Watch Chinese Magazine reporter: I have a problem, there are many people who have poor due to sick▪△, what new initiatives do this aspect? Thank you. Liu Yongfu: I have to add a strict assessment▷▪, in order to implement the 19th National Spirit of the Communist Party of the Party, the whole process of strictly govern the partys new requirements☆☆◇, all the processes. This is the previous problem. Due to the poor■•□◁, we speak deep poverty★◁★, in fact, there are two questions: First◁▪…, the deep poverty-stricken area◇=○, deep poor counties, deep poor hometown☆★•, deep poor village△•, this is a situation. Second, because of the poor, this is called deep poverty. The problem of treating disease is also a world problem▷▪, and it is also a problem in developed countries, and it has spent a lot of effort, and it is always less ideal. We now bui!

Original title: (Social) Jingqin Expressway Beijing Duan officially opened the Beijing Expressway network “Broad Road” Qing Xinhua News Agency Beijing August 20 (Jining, Ding Jing) reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission○▼▼☆, Jingqin Expressway The Beijing section is officially opened at 12 noon on the 20th. With the opening of this “Broken Road”, the National Expressway Network is eliminated in the last breakage of Beijing. The Beijing section of Beijing is a part of the Beijing to Qinhuangdao Expressway G0121. It officially started in September 2016△○■. The starting point is 260 meters north of Donglunzhuang Zhuang Bridge, the end point to Beijing□=, the road is about 6▪◁.3 km, design speed 120 km / h, two-way six lanes. It is understood that 23 new bridges in Beijing section of the Beijing-Qin Expressway, with a bridge accounting for about 4 denim trench coat women triblend royal apparel fitness legging!cotton t shirts exporters – diy letterman jacket.