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royal appare – organic cotton t shirt wholesale![bulk t shirts]Original title: Local Governments perfunctory reform environment problem For long time▲○▲▽, there is no need for Jiangxi Ruijin Wannie Qing Cement Co●▼=.▲•, Ltd…●▲. Environmental issues to pay attention to corporate environmental problems▪□◁, the rectification of the company is not in place-▷, and the government is perfunctory, avoiding the problem, and does not implement the health protection distance within the distance. On June 7, the website of Jiangxi Provincial Peoples Government released the “Notification on the Investigation of Environmental Problems in Jiangxi Ruijin Wannual Cement Co., Ltd•=. (hereinafter referred to as” notification “) and put forward rectification requirements. In 2016, the problem of frequent complaints frequently complained during the inspector ○△…•”look back” this year☆…▷, this year=△□. Environmentally rectification is not in place▼▽•, enterprises have been complained▽■. “Hello☆◆◁•, here is the central environmental protection inspection team☆□○. What is your situation needs to be reflected□◇▷?=●-” “I want to complain to Jiangxi Ruijin Wan Yongqi△◁▲.

Source★▲=•: Legal Evening Repair Original Title◆■: Shanglun Student Representative△◆▲: It is recommended that domestication species is not identified as the Wildlife Legal Evening News (Reporter Zhang Rui) as the president of the Gansu Provincial Lawyers Association◁…, Shanglun lived this time as the National Peoples Congress, I proposed my own suggestion – amended judicial explanation (Act [2000] No▷▪▽. 37), canceled the ▽=■”domesticated and breeding of the above species” in the original identification of “precious and endangered wild animals”. This is because-☆, in his key focus◁■◁, whether the artificial domesticated and breeding species belong to the “precious▽◇●, endangered wild animal” in the Criminal Law, and currently has controversial in judicial practice. “Artificial domestication” and “wild” are not equivalent to two years ago, Shanglun has begun to pay attention to wildlife protection☆••. Attontime◇▼, there is a lawyer agent in Southern Gans.

Original title: Liaoning Maritime Safety Sales Warning Since 13th••, the Implementation of Military Tasks in the North of Huanghai Overseas Network May 12 The Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning in the official website, and May 13th to May 18th▲▲▪☆, 12 oclock Executive military tasks in the north of Huanghai. The specific address is: 1. 38 ° 52.0 N 122 ° 14•-▼.0E2. 38 ° 52.0 N 122 ° 45▷•▽☆.0E3. 38 ° 08.0 N 122 ° 45.0E4. 38 ° 08.0 N 122 ° 14●▼….0e interpretation of military tasks◁▲, prohibiting the input•◁▪. Editor in charge▼☆▼■: Huo •☆•.

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