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[bachelor outfits]Original title☆-=: Nort-North Boat confirmed merger? The China Boat Group rumors★◆, South Koreas shipment stock price plummeted [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] Yesterday (30th), the US Bloomberg et al. Report that the State Council has been in principle to appreciate China s heavy work (North Ship) and the Mid-Boat Group ( South Ship) Merge, a revenue exceeding 500 billion world first ▽==”giant” is about to be born, and the resulting industry giants will enable Korean shipbuilding companies to see. However, on the same day evening▪△, according to the first financial report, the middle boat rumors said that the company was verified by the report, and conducted special entries to the controlling shareholders of the Company. The Mid-Boat Group did not receive any notice about the merger, and there was no information that should be disclosed without disclosure. At present, the top three of the market value of the ship will be Korea compan.

Original title…=▪: (time affairs) Li Keqiang made important instructions on the national land greening, forest fire prevention and flood control work TV conference, emphasizing the development of land green, forest grassland fire prevention and flood control and drought resistance to ensure economic and social development▷…, and building ecological civilization actively contributing Hu Chunhua Attend the meeting and speaking Wang Yong, Wang Yong, presided over the New China, Beijing, April 3, national land greening, forest fire prevention and flood control work TV conference on April 3△◇●□. The meeting was guided by Xi Jinpings new era of Chinese characteristics, and learned to implement the partys 19th National Congress and the national •△▼”two sessions” spirit, implement Li Keqiangs prime minister, scientific analysis of land green, forest grassland fire prevention and flood control work situation, arrange deployment 2018 Annual work. Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Chi.

Original title◆▼□: Xiongan one year 4 high speed, 1 national road will connect Beijing Xiongan Xiongan New District•○◆△, has always been a major event, the people are most concerned about□◇…▪, “how to go◆◁▼”★☆▷. Know the XJB-Jingshier brings the latest news★◁. In addition to the opening of Jingxiong Express, the ▽☆”4 + 1” model will be constructed in the future (4 highways☆…☆•, 1 national road), establishing a highway channel for Beijing to Xiongan, including new Jingxiong Expressway, National Road 230 (Nishi Road Nan Yan) and so on. In addition, the industries of Beijing and Xiongan New Area have undertaken, the construction of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park is also planned to steadily advance. Beijing Jingxiong will build two high-speed two sessions in the country=○•, and Li Xiaopeng•▽▼, Minister of Transportation=■, ◇◆”Ministe.compression socks wholesale.