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[true yoga fitness taiwan]Original title: China will promote the construction of natural gas storage system this year Source: Visual China is trying to establish systematic guarantees for Chinas strong natural gas consumption market◇◁•. On March 7th▲▲□, the ▼□★”2018 Energy Work Guidance” issued by the National Energy Administration (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”) pointed out that China will promote the establishment of natural gas production storage systems▲•▽☆. The Energy Bureau predicted that Chinas natural gas production is about 160 billion cubic meters in 2018, achieving rapid growth. But the contradiction between supply and demand is still outstanding. At the recent national two sessions, Wang Yulin◆▷▷◇, a member of the National Political Consultative Conference, and China National Petroleum Group (Non-referred to QuaC), said that Chinas natural gas consumption growth rate is 15% -16%○■, and the contradiction between the winter Mingchun will still be more prominent. And natural gas supply and demand contradicti●▪.

(Economic Observation) 5G + Gigabit Net, China City began to enter the “Double Gigabit” Times China New Agency Beijing May 27th (Reporter Liu Ying) National First “Double Gigabit○△” provincial capital city★□◆, full light smart city global The first city△◁=, took the lead in entering the =☆◇…”double gigaby” city .●▲◆.. Recently■△▼▽, Chinas big cities competed in the “double gigabit”, and “repair road” for digital economic development. The so-called “double gigably◆…▽” refers to a Gigabit fiber network and 5G. The Gigabit Nightnet has a large bandwidth, ultra-low delay, advanced reliability and other features, “carrying bases” such as 5G, data centers▷▲, Internet of Things, and 5G networks together constitute new “double wheels” and Two wings. China Indust?

Chinas new network May 27 (spring, summer) African famous Nilagago volcano is again erupted on May 22△○, 2021, 2021○▲•☆, and the hot magma and strong harmful gases have brought great disasters to local residents. In the painting of the Chinese Youth Fairy Writers Zhang Hejun△▼, the Niragono volcano eruption is a candy rain, and every candy is a dream of children◁▽. On the eve of June 1 Childrens Day, the painting story created by the famous fairy tale writer Zhang Hengjun, “a candy rain◇◁” published in the Guangxi Normal University Press in the national childrens book market. For Figure 2016, a female reporter gave a local child two candies in Africa▷□△, when the reporter took a photo to the child▷▼▷, the chi○=.